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Namaste my dear friends, my name is Malva Bee, I arrived to this planet a winter morning, just when the sun had risen between the oaks.

I been raised in Uruguay, Brasil, Argentina and Paraguay, but later shifted my life to the North American continent. But I am neither from here nor there. Rather, I have become a unique person with a mixed cultural background, a propensity to laugh, and the ability to understand many perspectives. While I now involuntarily speak all the languages I know with an accent, I am unafraid to express myself and live my life with passion.

I have made it a point to explore other places frequently and consistently, to learn and expand my mind and my soul.

Being real became my priority, and I reflect my passion in my teaching.

Malva Bee


My lifestyle matches my values; my friends  fit my soul; and my wealth — of which there are many definitions — measures up with my notion of freedom and joy.

Being genuine is the foundation of my teaching.

I am a Warrior, blessed with my life and by the work I do.  As a Master Yoga teacher, I create a safe space to open the hearts and minds of those around me so they can re-connect with their self-generating unlimited love.   

I remind people that life is full of miracles and beauty and we should not take those for granted. Each breath, each day is a gift. Been grateful is my mayor gift.


I can say I won so many battles: that is why I do not considered myself a survivor.  I am strong, true and clear in my commitment to bring clarity, peace, appreciation and joy into the lives of all those that cross my path.

One of my biggest joys is to inspire people to live a healthier life, and to apply their individual gifts to experience personal power and balanced lifestyles.

I'm a messenger of peace and a priestess of the HERE and NOW. I remind myself and tell others to open their hearts to trust and to love again. Because that is the only way to heal... and flourish.


It is with a joyful heart that I welcome you to Yoga/Meditation at the Ancient Spanish Monastery.We are blessed to hold our classes within these ancient walls that surround us.

Each time we enter here, our deeper selves begin to sense de reverence, the magic and mystery of this 883 year-old home to the monks who long ago lived here. A gentle, kind and loving peace is found here as we leave the concerns of the outer world for the serenity of the heart in this place of deep spirit.

Join us in this journey to the light....Namaste


"I have no time to deploy another flag than that of the understanding , the meeting and love between people..."

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